A key element of Cushy

Continued success is centered on our long-term supply partnerships. We dedicate staff to support and improve the working environments across our production facilities so we can achieve the highest standards for both suppliers and customers alike. Our teams are constantly working to ensure sources are fully compliant to local, national and international laws, accomplishing above and beyond the required status. Cushy works with internationally recognized organizations, such as SEDEX, Wrap, BSCI, OEKO TEX approved factory, to ensure all our supply chain partners attain the highest levels of accreditation.

Sourcing Sustainable Materials

Cushy is dedicated to contributing to a sustainable change and is ready to engage with you on your sustainable journey.
We are offering several sustainable materials and are continuously adding new sustainable materials.
Certified Recyled Cotton
 Recycled Polyester Mix
Cotton fabric cutting waste from garment factories are collected and shredded into fibre, that are mixed and spun with recycled polyester. The cutting waste colours available decides the colours offered at the colour card.
This is new yarns and fabrics made from waste materials with no water, chemicals or dye used in the recycling process.
Certified Recycled Polyester 
 Recycled polyester is made by using recycled PET bottles to spin a new polyester thread. Waste products are turned into garments.
BCI Cotton
The BCI farmer uses less water and less pesticides. The cotton farmers are trained in better management of the cropand trained and audited according to the health and safety measures set by the BCI organization.
Certified Organic Cotton
Organic cotton is produced without the use of pesticides, hence making it healthier for the environment and the farmers.
LenzingTM EcoVeroTM viscose and Birla CelluloseTM Livaeco viscose are both produced in closed production systems, where chemicals and water are reused. The cellulose fibres come from sustainable forests, where a new tree is planted for every tree that is cut down.

Lyocell is also a cellulose fibre like viscose, that is produced in a closed loop system, re-using the water and a non-toxic compound (MNMO) repeatedly.
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